Racing Moto

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Drive a motorcycle at full speed on the highway


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Racing Moto is an arcade driving game where players have to drive a motorcycle at full speed on a highway full of traffic, dodging trucks, police cars, buses, and all sorts of other automobiles.

Gameplay in Racing Moto is very simple: the motorcycle speeds straight ahead nonstop, but pressing down on the screen will make it go much faster. This will get you both points and money, and you can use it to buy new motorcycles to drive.

To move the motorcycle from side to side, you just have to tilt the device to the left or right, trying to dodge all the vehicles in your way. If you hit one ... game over.

At the beginning you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle, but as you get more experience and good scores you'll be able to buy new bikes. You won't find much playable difference between one motorcycle and the next, but the bikes' appearance changes a lot.

Racing Moto is a simple and action-packed racing game that, even if it doesn't have a lot to it, allows you to enjoy games that are fast and very fun.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher